Download the Sayf App

The Sayf App is free and designed for personal use, available on iOS and Android.

Add your contacts

Add your support crew – your selected contacts will receive your Sayf status updates via SMS.

Set your notifications

The Sayf App will remind you to update your status if you forget. You can always update your status more often if you need…

Update your status

We selected three simple status updates to share with your support crew.

Status is sent via SMS

Your support crew will receive your status update via SMS. Your current location is sent if you are not OK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sayf Anonymous?

Yes! We have absolutely no way to individually identify our users.

Your support crew will receive the SMS status update from 'SAYF' which will include the name you entered when you first setup the app - but this is not stored on any of our systems.

We do track general app usage analytics to help us improve the user experience.

I have the app but can't see my contacts?

In an effort to prevent people from accidentally selecting landline or invalid numbers, the app is actively filtering for mobile numbers.

If your contacts are not showing up in Sayf, double check your address book on your device and make sure your contacts numbers are saved as 'mobile' or 'iPhone'. This should ensure they are visible in the Sayf App.

Is Sayf Free?

Sayf is 100% free forever. Use it as much as you want!

Can I use Sayf for other things?

Absolutely! While our primary purpose was to help those who required mental health support, there is actually a wide range of uses for Sayf.

This might include first dates, bullying, solo travelling, party goers etc. basically anything where you need to let someone else know things are good, or maybe not so good.