Help is just the push of a button away.

Sayf’s purpose is simple, to make seeking help as easy as possible.

Sayf allows you to check in with those who care about you, and let them know when you are okay, and when you are not. Sayf has been developed by those with lived experience of mental illness and suicide. We understand what you are feeling, and we are here to help you feel safe when you need it the most.

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Sayf has been in your shoes. We know that finding information and resources that you can trust, can be difficult, taxing, and emotional. We also know that those supporting a loved one, can often need support themselves.

Sayf is here to make everyone feel supported.

We are currently in the process of curating resources from organisations that we believe are doing great things to support those who need it. If you are one of these organisations and believe you have resources that could be beneficial to our community, we would truly love to here from you. You can follow the link here to connect with our team.

If you are in the need of immediate support or resources, please contact 000 for crisis support, or visit

We are all in this together, and the help you need does exist, sometimes you just need a trusted face to make you feel safe in finding it.

Our Story

Sayf is a Mental Health Crisis and Suicide Prevention App developed from lived experience. The concept was created by Caleb Podhazcky, who after many years struggling with mental health and substance abuse, thought there has to be a better way to let people know when you’re not okay. Caleb joined forces with Jeremy West. Jeremy has volunteered in emergency services for over 15 years and suffers from emergency services related Post Traumatic Stress.

Together, they combined their unique perspectives and insights to develop Sayf. Their shared understanding of the challenges faced by those in crisis and their determination to make a positive impact on mental health and suicide prevention culminated in the creation of the app. Sayf stands as a testament to their personal journeys and the unwavering commitment to help others navigate their own mental health pathways.