Support Us

Sayf made the intentional decision to not go down the not-for-profit path with one simple goal in mind – we want to be able to help people without restriction and without reliance of the good will of others giving up their hard-earned money to keep the wheels moving forward.

Sayf is a purpose driven business, where our profits are returned into the business to develop it further, and ultimately help more people.

We are proudly striving towards financial independence and sustainability through our corporate product and partners.

However, we do acknowledge that often people want to know how they can help us grow and positively impact more people in their communities.

This is why, if you can, and if you want to support us financially, we have set up this easy to use donation link.

The process is simple, easy, and most importantly genuinely and truly appreciated.

Below you will see the impact donations have had on our business so far.

We thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for supporting is in our endeavour to be the voice of those who can’t ask for help themselves.


Weekly texts sent

The Sayf platform is unique in that it lets each user determine the level and frequency of support they need from their loved ones. Thanks to a combination of financial contributions from community members, as well as the success of Sayf Org, Sayf has been able to continuously support the free provision of text messages for all users.

Active users

From the beginning, Sayf was designed to support those who found it difficult to seek help. Since day one, the community of people who use Sayf has and grown. Various people use Sayf for various reasons, in various ways. Regardless of how, and why, we are proud to support a growing amount of users to seek help and support their loved ones.